Berlin and Paris conflicts continue

January 10, 2019

Ever since Emmanuel Macron’s presence in the Elysee Palace, German and French authorities tried to conceal their economic disputes, but in fact these differences remain solid. The point is that Angela Merkel continues to emphasize on austerity policies in Europe, especially within the borders of the EU, while Macron believes in economic reforms. Over the past years, the differences between Berlin and Paris have been palpable in the economics and foreign policy sphere. During the presidency of Hollande, and in the course of accusing the Syrian government of the use of chemical weapons — a false claim by the Western governments — the German government announced its disapproval of any military strike against Syria. Nevertheless, French President, Francois Hollande, didn’t consider such an attack an impossibility, and stressed on the involvement of his country in this attack. This was while Angela Merkel’s government said that Berlin saw no reason to intervene in Syria. Berlin and Paris are presently taking two dissimilar approaches on different issues. Although Merkel has constantly indicated that she agrees with Emmanuel Macron about the economic crisis in Europe and that the two countries will work together to solve the existing financial and political crises in Europe, but the reality remains the other way around. The French president thinks his plans are in conflict with Merkel’s economic plans, and Merkel had to face loads of snags since Macron’s presence in power. Both agree that their adopted policies have awfully miscarried, and that they weren’t successful in solving the snags appearing inside the EU borders, and in their own countries. Merkel’s austerity policies haven’t worked, and Macron’s economic reforms have been rejected by the French, let alone by other European citizens! The yellow vests protest well point to this. Merkel has said that she will step down in 2021. As for Macron, he isn’t in a good position in the polls held, and the domino effect show that his popularity has fallen. The same thing has led several to suspect Macron’s reelection in next general elections. Numerous political analysts in France believe that Macron’s fate would be no better than Sarkozy or Hollande, and that he’s going to leave the Elysee palace soon. Definitely, in the near future, we will see a magnification of the differences between Berlin and Paris. Also, the differences between Merkel and Macron will remain strong, even though they prefer not to tell about it. The disagreements between Berlin and Paris is a perfect example of the dilemma that has affected the political and economic union of the EU member states. This process is going to be built up as the public restlessness intensifies.

Numerous political analysts in France believe that Macron’s fate would be no better than Sarkozy or Hollande.