Beggar mafia of the twin cities

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist

Begging is considered as the lowest self-esteem characteristic; in Pakistan begging is managed by proper standard operational procedures (SOPs). Based on actual facts it has been witnessed that the regular beggars are having proper jobs. That consists of proper pick and drops and can earn more than the average white collar employee in a public or private sector. Advanced category of beggars amongst the average can speak fluent English language, thus getting positioned at the most posh areas of the begging regions. The mafia is usually supervised by a social thug who is aware of the consequences if they get caught by the authorities and they are equipped with counter strategies to give them a slip as well.

Government has constantly emphasized on the insidious rapture of begging phenomenon and its timely restriction. It was highlighted by the Ex Interior Minister Rehman Malik that he would suspend the duty officers if he even saw a beggar on the streets of the twin cities. At that point of recent history an actual crackdown over the begging mafia was conducted and a drastic difference was witnessed in the twin cities. As the government passed its tenure the mafia was back on its peak, raising a direct question on the performance of the authorities. It seems that the orders of the senior authorities accompanied by the somewhat threat of job can get the work done immediately.

These days the authorities are head over heels to capture the followers of the opposing political parties, neglecting the petty crimes it seems that they are having a higher calling. Can this be justified? The answers should be coming from the people who get mugged every day in the capital and its surroundings. Point of discussion further raises the fact that majority of the begging staff are the under aged children, these children have no awareness over their actions and it seems the mafia has total control over them. Who should be blamed for this monstrosity the government, society or the parents of those children? It is a matter of understanding that the society of this nation has the direct responsibility over this issue and no one else.

To provide the ample reason it must be understood that this society selects the government and the government decides the constitutional rights for every individual citizen. Then again it is the duty of the society to observe and supervise the performance of the government. There is no kingship in Pakistan; it is the safe haven for the Muslims that experienced mammoth hate factors in their previous homeland. Was this the foundation that made Islamic Republic of Pakistan as a sovereign nation in this world?

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