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Barcelona attack

ISIS has claimed responsibility of the Barcelona attack in which 14 people died and some 120 injured when terrorists run van over the pedestrians. Before this attack ISIS also claimed responsibilities of attacks in Nice, London, Brussels Berlin and Stockholm. In the latest attack terrorists did not use weapons and suicide bombers but Barcelona was attacked by nothing more than an ordinary road vehicle. As was expected maximum media coverage was given to the incident.
According to reports in recent terrorist incidents ISIS did not send a specific person to the West for attacks but it used the some of the permanent residents of the countries. Yet ISIS has taken this concept and turned it on its head. For what we have seen across Europe over the last two years, starting with the gratuitously macabre killing of Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris, is that ISIS works best when unleashing well-planned and coordinated terror. After recent terrorist attacks in recent years, ISIS has proven that it still holds the energy, power and recourses to target almost any European country. ISIS claimed that it is targeting the countries which are involved in international coalition which is fighting in Iraq and Syria and Spain is among one of those countries. In other words, it and other European nations are seen as invading armies trying to overthrow the ISIS caliphate in the landmass it has seemingly captured for itself.
Many surveys have revealed that despite the fight against terrorism, world community is unable to eliminate it. Terrorism has become an international dilemma and combined international efforts are required to put an end to menace of terrorism.
There is hardly any country that is safe from reach of terrorists. It is time of urgency, and we all need to stand united to eliminate terrorism and to stop terrorists from their heinous terrorists’ activities. There is no second opinion that terror incidents have claimed thousands of lives all over the world. Universal peaceful environment has been affected so severely. It is need of time that the countries that are the victims of terrorism to stand united in order to take stern action against the menace of terrorism.

Terrorism is an international dilemma and combined international efforts are required to eliminate it.

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