Balance of power shifted from Islamabad to Rawalpindi: PPP’s Senator

ISLAMABAD (INP): Senator Farhatullah Babar said due to some recent events the balance of power had shifted from Islamabad to Rawalpindi and there was real and potent threat to democracy.

This he said is a bad omen for democracy and democratic institutions and it is imperative that the government geared up to hold negotiations both with PTI and PAT to defuse the tense political situation and pull the country from the brink of precipice.

Speaking on the adjournment motion in the Upper House on Monday, he said that attitude of the government ministers treating Imran Khan as an insane and irrational person and not talking with him was a short sighted one. You do not dismiss so summarily and contemptuously even an actually insane person who climbs up a pole threatening to kill himself and others, he said. Instead you seek to negotiate with the insane person to persuade him climb down the pole. Even if it is conceded for a moment that Imran is an insane person the government should still seek to approach and negotiate with him, he said.

He said that foreign capitals had issued travel advisories, the missions had suspended issuance of visas, the world was watching with bated breath as to what was going to happen in Pakistan and the local traders had started protest demonstrations against the so called azaadi and inqilab marches.

He severely criticized the civil disobedience calls and the call to stop paying taxes to the government of Imran Khan and said that if urgent steps were not taken to defuse the situation then soon there will be nothing left in the hands of political forces in the country.

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