Back to the drawing board

Atif Iqbal


Pakistan’s existence was the combined effort of the political leaders and the people that believed in them. Muhammed Ali Jinnah and Dr. Allama Muhammed Iqbal were the two intellects who had provided the resolution for the long lasting rivalries. At the time of division of the two territories, mass murders were witnessed. People who had the right to move to their land which was under the constitution and law at that time were restricted. The brief history reminder was to show that even now after almost six decades people of Pakistan are not free.

Democracy, which is government for the people by the people and of the people, is unable to satisfy the needs and basic requirements of the people of Pakistan. The past week almost hundreds of thousands of people all over from Pakistan came to the capital to show their dissatisfaction towards this government. The protests have been recorded to be the most peaceful and no destruction of public property is witnessed till now. It is a deadlock that the government says the demand of the protesters is not lawful. The protesters however say that the government is unlawful.


This deadlock has brought us back to the drawing board; if the government or the protesters does not negotiate there are only two ways out. One is the unwanted martial law the other would be deliberate civil war. At such a serious situation, PML N’s rally at Faizabad Rawalpindi yesterday was nothing else but to show the muscle of their party. Doing this the government has shown that they have no concern of the past week’s protest of the marchers that came from all over Pakistan. Since the government remains indifferent at such an extent things are bound to go erroneous.

This attitude of the people in the parliament cannot be ignored. Deliberately waiting that may be the protestors would go back when they are tired is the worst counter strategy that could be planned in this situation. Another, fearful fact is that the people who have been protesting since the past week are getting more annoyed over government’s non serious attitude. It seems like ego of certain individuals is going to be the ruin of the very foundation Pakistan was built upon. This thought in itself, is the fear of the worst. Pakistan cannot be a property of any individual political party.



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