Back to Square one; time to roll heads

The ongoing political confrontation has entered in to 13 days with no sides ready to show any flexibility that may lead to end the crises. The situation is changing with each passing day. The revelation made by the ex CEC official Afzal Khan in which he confirmed that 2013 elections were rigged, gave much-needed support as well strength to his stance. Now the Lahore High Court decision in which it upheld the session court orders for lodging FIR against the accused in Model Town tragedy has created panic among the power corridor. The LHC’s decision has added more problems to the already troubled government of the PML-N. PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has already gave the government 48-hour ultimatum which is going to be end by today. Right after the LHC decision, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri, PAT chief again held both the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif responsible for the Model Town tragedy.
PAT chief argued that judicial probe commission in its report has also held the chief minister responsible for June 17 tragedy. The things are seems to heading nowhere despite the facts that efforts are on the find a peaceful solution acceptable to the protesting parties as well as the government. PAT chief wants PM and CM Shahbaz Sharif to quit and brought to justice..
The PATchief from the beginning of sit-in, kept seeking lodging FIR against the rulers, dissolution of assemblies and formation of national government and not ready to step back from his demands. Even those parties which were supporting government earlier seem to be changing their stance and trying hard to convince the ruling parties to pay heeds to the PAT as well PTI’s demands seriously. It is being suggested to the rulers that it should work out strategy to resolve issues democratically and as per the constitution. None of the party except the PTI and PAT is favouring undemocratic, unconstitutional move by the stakeholders. There are also reports that now pressure is building up on the CM Shahbaz Sharif to submit resignation. First, it was the PTI chief Imran Khan who demanded of the government to order recounting in four constituencies but after getting no response, opt for seeking PM’s resignation and mid-term elections. Since the revelation made by ex ECP official Afzal Khan, Imran Khan has clearly told the government that he wants PM to reign as he has no logic to stay on the post after the rigging in 2013 elections. Afzal Khan’ statement in detail has proven the PTI’s stance that worst kind of rigging has been committed. Despite the committees formed by the government to hold dialogues with the PTI and PAT, no breakthrough has been witnessed and the protesting parties are not ready to hold dialogues unless the PM resigns.

Even the parties like PPP, MQM who opted to support the government in order to save the democratic system are changing stance after the LHC order about upholding a session court decision on Model Town tragedy, arguing that a proper FIR should have been registered and with the right action taken, things would not have come to a head as they now have.

The political situation is reaching at its peak while political observer fearing worst yet to come as neither side has shown flexibility to work resolve the matter.

Although the Prime Minister has assured the protesting parties that he is ready to address their genuine grievances but in the same time he has sent a clear message that he will not leave the office at any cost. The National assembly once again vowed to protect democracy accusing PTI and PAT for spreading anarchy and want to derail the democratic system in the country. There were calls that inquiry should be conducted against the former Additional Secretary Election Commission Afzal Khan for his allegations of rigging in 2013 elections arguing that he is trying to make the Election Commission controversial.

Government must consider the allegations of rigging being levelled by an ex official of ECP seriously and order immediate probe into the matter to cool down the political heat. These allegations are of serious nature and came up at a time when the protesting parties have clearly told all and sundry that they will not leave the venue unless the person involved in the rigging are punished. It is a matter of concern for all peace loving Pakistanis as to why the former additional secretary kept silence for over one and half year, what or who prompted him to come forth and make startling revelations.

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