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AXACT involved in massive fake degree selling scam: NYT

KARACHI: Axact, claiming to be one of the biggest IT company of Pakistan, has been alleged of being involved in a massive fake degree scam by New York Times (NYT).

If you are a simple matric and want to become a doctor, there is no better place than this. High school degree can be obtained for just 350 US dollars while a doctorate degree can be bought for just 4000 US dollars.

According to details, AXACT has been alleged of running hundreds of websites claiming to be universities and schools offering distance learning but instead of providing distance learning, these universities, having no physical existence at all, are just selling degrees and earning millions of dollars. New York Times says that this organization is doing nothing but selling fake degrees for money.

The websites owned by the company provide online degrees in nursing, civil engineering and many other disciplines. It even offers degrees authenticated by US Secretary of State’s signatures. Slogans like ‘excellent faculty, glorious future’ are advertising the services and fooling the masses.

NYT claims that upon watching closely, all this seems like a drama. It claims that the news reports on the websites are bogus, professors are paid actors, university campuses on display are created on computer and the degrees carry no value at all. Thousands of employees working for the company are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars through offshore companies.

The American newspaper further claims that same woman appears upon opening the contact page of any of these websites. It claims that AXACT runs this entire program from an office in Karachi where 2000 employees work. The company also deals in software applications but its former employees claim that its real business was selling fake degrees.

AXACT employees who deal with the customers on phones speak fluent English and Arabic and they convince the callers to get enrolled with the universities. NYT has also claimed in its story that the universities have threatened its students on certain occasions when they failed to pay for the degrees, telling them that their degrees would be of no value if they didn’t pay the charges. NNI

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