Avoiding the inevitable; Credit definitely goes to marchers

Salman Tanvir


ISLAMABAD: Ignoring the warning of the interior minister, Ch Nisar, the activists of PAT and PTI made their ways to the red zone Tuesday night. The federal government demonstrated a great deal of patience by not stopping the marchers from breaching the red zone. The army was deployed in the capital to secure the sensitive installations and the diplomatic enclave. The marchers made their way into the red zone peacefully by removing all the containers while as a part of government’s strategy, the policemen were held back to avoid any untoward incident.

It appeared that government has devised pre as well post-march strategies. No force was used to stop the charged activists from heading towards the Parliament. While PM in an emergency meeting has decided not to resign and using various channels to pursue Imran Khan as well Dr Qadri to resolve the issues through dialogues.

Now the government is standing alone and nobody but it is the rulers to be blamed for pushing Imran Khan against the wall. The offer made by the government to open 20 constituencies is of no use now as it is too little and too late.

There is no room of involving judiciary or army in a democratic setup. There was no need to call additional troops in the capital as the PTI and PAT leaders remained peaceful from the beginning till date.

Rulers are morally bound to address the genuine grievances of the opposition. Imran Khan is not ready to accept any offer but resignation of PM. Now it is being expected that PAT has developed differences with the PTI as later is seeking PM’s resignation and mid-term polls but PAT chief has ruled out any such possibility and pressing for formation of national government.

There were reports of baton charge and firing of rubber bullets but no such incident took place. Watching the episode as it is being unfolded, there is no possibility of showdown between the government and the marchers as was being feared.

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