Avenging the terror

July 27, 2017

As the terror has hit us badly we must rise to the occasion with prudence and sagacity. Avenging the terror is not that simple. It needs a multidimensional strategy. Basically we need to focus on two fronts. The state has to fight on two fronts. One is action against the terrorists, that includes chase and hit. We are active on this front. Our Armed forces have undoubtedly done a great job. They have dismantled the terrorists to a larger extent. Pakistan is no more a safe heaven for them. They have no stronghold in Pakistan. Gone are the days when they were challenging the writ of the state. Gone are the days when they were operating from a well-known headquarter within Pakistan . Gone are the days when they were enjoying a supportive narrative from their sympathizers across the country. Gone are the days when they were enjoying the benefits of split narrative of the people. That is now history. The situation on ground is changed. The nation is united against the terror. The forces are in action and the nation is united behind its forces and the parliament. But the fact cannot be denied that we are that active on the second front. We have to fight on the intellectual front as well. We must come up with an alternate narrative. We have to reconsider and reevaluate our syllabus. There must be an exhaustive exercise to look into the reasons of extremism. We must admit , albeit begrudgingly, that sectarianism has eviscerated the fabric of our society. What we need today is Pakistani nationalism and true adherence to Islamic teachings. Army is doing its job and doing it very well. But the fact is that for a sustainable mechanism we have to build our civil structure, we have to focus on the requirement of good governance, we have to strengthen our Police system and the list goes on. Victory requires a fight on both the fronts.

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