August 14: What next

The arrest of Pakistan Awami Tehrik’ activists have sent a wave of anger among the political parties. PAT Chief Tahirul Qadri who already had sent a clear message to the government that his party would not rest until the end of the government, Thursday surprised the entire nation by revealing that rulers after failing to get asylum in Saudi Arab now wrote a letter to United States seeking visas for their families and servants. These allegations are of very serious nature and government must clarify the latest allegations leveled by the PAT chief.

People are now deeply concerned over the prevailing political situation. First government was facing the dilemma of Model Town tragedy but now PAT chief has opened another pindora box for the rulers.

PAT chief while showing the documentary proofs to the media has surprised all and sundry. The government keeps claiming that it has devise an strategy to deal with the Inqlabi March and Azadi March and would foil Tahirul Qadri as well Azadi March with the help of the masses. Now reportedly police has cordoned off the residence of Tahir ul Qadri besides sealing off the roads leading to PAT Chief’s residence thus making it almost impossible for the PAT workers to reach Qadri’s house. Now people are of strong opinion that a showdown between the police and PAT activists is immanent arguing that the government should not sealed off the area as it would not be acceptable to the party activists.

There are also reports that government has ordered not to let anybody enter into the area .at any cost. Dr Qadri and his supporters are all set to observe Youm-e-Shuhda on August 10 and people are in state of fear. In the wake of Model Town tragedy, some quarters are accusing the government that it has not learnt any lessons from the Model Town carnage.

PAT activists terming the government’s move as a conspiracy to foil Youm-e-Inqiab being observed by the PAT. The Government on one side trying on its level best to convince PTI Chief Imran Khan to cancel Azadi March keeping in view the prevalent situation. Pakistan Peoples Party and Jammat-e-Islami has also agreed to work jointly for strengthening the democracy. Government has also convinced the ASmir of Jamaat-e- Islami to help cooling down the situation as Operation Zarb Azab has entered in decisive stage.

The government must release the activist of Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) as a goodwill gesture. Government on one side making claims that there is no danger to democracy and no force would be used against the protestors either affiliated to PAT or PTI before and after Aug 14. While on the other side, the capital roads are also being sealed off by placing the containers in order to stop PAT or PTI’s workers from entering in federal capital. Still neither government nor PAT or PTI has shown any flexibility to cool down the situation. Now even those political parties, who were supporting the government for the sake of democracy, are distancing themselves with the ruling party. The Pakistan Peoples Party’s senior leader Syed Khurshid Shah couple of days ago made it clear to the government that PPP would not play the “Friendly Opposition “role in future. MQM chief even went extra miles by advising PM Nawaz Sharif to resign in order to save lives. That means despite having contacts with the PPP, JI, MQM, government has been left alone to deal with the PAT as well PTI marches.

Both the government and opposition parties are busy in issuing inflammatory remarks against each others and not ready to stand down. But the dilemma is that nobody is talking about resolving the masses problems, who voted them to power in order to get relief. There seems no end in loadshedding, gas crisis, inflation etc. The sealing of roads leading to capital once again created panic among the masses. Now there is a vast majority of people who are seeking numerous answers from the government and the opposition parties especially the PAT and PTI. Would Inqlabi March being organized by Dr Qadri or Azadi March on the part of PTI bring any relief to the masses? Are these parties going to solve the energy, gas and other crises by toppling the PML-N government? Would change of government be helpful in bringing down the prices of basic items or stopping the people from committing suicides? It is the duty of every politician to find a peaceful solution of the present situation for the sake of masses.

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