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August 14 test for all: Violence begets violence

Youme-e-Shuhada as claimed by the PAT Chief was aimed at demonstrating solidarity with the armed forces personnel who laid down their lives in fighting terrorism before and after the launching of Operation Zarb Azab. But unfortunately, due to inflammatory speeches delivered by the PAT’ allied parties turned the event into totally political gathering. The main purpose of the speeches apparently was to convince PTI chief Imran Khan to join Dr Qadri or hold Azadi March along with PAT and its allied parties ‘ leaers and supporters.

Amidst calls made by almost all the political as well religious party’ leaders that PAT workers must not resort to the path of violence, and avoid the path of anarchy, Dr Qadri not ready to let go the path he has chosen to topple the government.

The most inflammatory speech was delivered by the PAT chief. Giving the example of Karbala in which Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) told the followers that if they want to leave they can. By resembling his movement to the great martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), Dr Qadri has tried to play not only with the sentiments of Pakistanis but for the entire Muslime Ummah as Dr Qadri is trying to bring Revolution on the ground that present government has failed on every front to provide relief to the masses.

Dr Qadri keep telling people that government is trying to kill him and he is ready for the ‘martyrdom’ while his party leaders are keep spreading fear and confusion among the masses by revealing that government has devised a plan to arrest DR Qadri through commandos’ action.

Ironically from the beginning of the speeches from Sh Rashid, Ch Pervaiz to PAT Chief, non of the leaders even mentioned the sacrifices and struggles of armed forces in fighting terrorism what to say about Internally Displaced People (IDPs).

The allied parties and PAT chef tried to provoke their supporters to that extent that now a blood showdown seems eminent.

The Punjab government provided every chance to the PAT and its allied parties to take law into their hands due to their ill-planned strategy to deal with the situation. First they diverted the PAT chief plane from Lahore from Islamabad. The government could have hold dialogues with the PAT chief as did the PPP-led government in its tenure. But government failed to resolve the issue politically which now turned into a full-fledged anti government movement.

The government’ managers delivered inflammatory speeches. Worst come worst, the provincial as well federal government’s wizards opted for using the force by erecting wires, placing containers thus not only blocking the protestors but also created problems with the masses who have nothing to do with the politics. Enraged by the government move, the protestors resorted to violence which claimed the lives of nearly eight PAT workers and three policemen. A 70-year-old man and a two-year-old child lost their lives as police did not allow the ambulances to go through due to ‘security reasons’. The people who lost their lives were Pakistanis at the end and loss of their lives is a loss for Pakistan. Nobody took the pain of the masses. In fact both sides are using masses to achieve their “goals’. Dr Qadri kept calling his supporters not to go home and be ready to sacrifice their lives for the ‘Inqilab’. Why the other parties leaders called army to intervene?. Dr Qadri now appeared to be using Islam to topple the PML-N government. He told his party workers that if he got killed then don’t let any members of the Sharif family, ministers live. Thus Dr Dadri has declared war against the government by announcing that Inqilabi March will be started from August 14.

On the other side, the rally hold by the Jamaat-e-Islami Sunday remained peaceful as the administration did not placed containers in their way. The Ameeer of Jamaat Islami Sirajul Haq in his speech stressed the need to forge unity among the Ummah. He condemned the Israeli’s naked aggression against the unarmed, hapless Palestinians who are being killed with each and every passing day. Though Sirajul Haq in his speech did not specifically mentioned the prevalent political situation but tried to convince both government an the opposition to find peaceful way to end the confrontation.
MQM chief said that Pakistan army is offering life sacrifices in operation Zarb-e-Azb for the sake of country’s existence. He added that the political riots amid the war against terrorism will cause serious harm to the country.

Now it is up to the government. The containers must not be placed and let the PTI hold Azadi March. It is also the duty of Imran Khan not to play into the hands of anti-democratic forces and don’t allow PAT and its allied parties to join his peaceful March.


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