Audit report exposes alleged corruption of Rs5 billion in Islamabad Metro Bus Project

March 6, 2018

RAWALPINDI:  After Lahore and Multan metro bus scandals, a scam of Rawalpindi/Islamabad metro bus has also surfaced as the audit report has identified the corruption and irregularities worth Rs5 billion.

According to the special report, unnecessary construction material costing Rs2.26 billion was obtained for the project while Rs39 crore paid to the illegal occupants of the public property. Rs27 crore was spent in services head before the plying of the buses, it stated. However, the project was completed in 20 months instead of nine months.

Islamabad has 14 metro bus terminals whereas 10 stations were made in Rawalpindi. Only Rs 20 is being charged on 20 km travelling on at least 66 buses. An 18-acre depot has also been made. INP