Atiqa Odho’s husband custodian of PTI’s financial matters?

  • PTI: Nothing personal it’s all about business?
  • Atiqa Odho’s husband custodian of financial matters?
  • Imran’s sit-in under pall of confusion?

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The economic and political state of affairs in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) sadly reminds us of Otto Berdman, an accountant for the American Organized crime, known for his phrase, ‘nothing personal, its just business’.

After facing severe allegations about its funds management by its founding member Akbar S. Babar and subsequently by the federal minister for information and broadcasting Mr. Perveiz Rashid, PTI is again in the news for some bad reasons.

The news that Imran Khan divorced Reham Khan because of her keen interest in the economic interests of the party and that she had reportedly collected all data of party funding from Karachi the things became more complicated. But lets side step this issue as a personal matter of Imran Khan, there are some other murky areas about PTI.

Reportedly there are two major accounts being operated from Karachi, one by Arif Alvi in the name of Secretary General PTI despite the fact that he is no more the Secretary General of the party and the other is being operated by Mr. Samar Ali Khan, who is not only PMA of PTI in Sindh Assembly but also husband of Atiqa Odho, need not to be mentioned that the lady was close to Pervaiz Musharaf and had served his party as Vice President.

Now it is quite intriguing that the financial matters of PTI rest with the husband of Atiqa Odho. One must not forget that PTI had to face allegations during its sit-in in Islamabad that Imran’s all sound and fury is aim to protect Retired General Musharaf who was facing charges of high treason.

If one recalls the allegations of PTI’s connection with Jewish funding leveled by Akbar S. Babar and Pervaiz Rashid the PTI is facing challenges to its credibility and goodwill as it is said the politics is not all about reality rather its all about perception.


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