Athara Hazari bund breached to save Jhang, Trimmu headwork

Thousands of acres of crop land under water, Jhang cut off from other cities

JHANG: Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Mohammad Asif has said that a 100 meter breach was created at Athara Hazari bund on Wednesday morning to save Jhang city and Trimmu headwork from flood devastation.

Giving latest flood situation position in the Parliament on Wednesday, the water and power minister said presently water level at Trimmu is 562,000 cusecs while its discharge capacity is 645,000 cusecs. He said the flood forecast is that the peak of flood would be 750,000 cusecs by Wednesday night and there would be need to further widen the breach in Athara Hazari bund to 300 meters to release the pressure of water.

The minister conceded that the break would bring substantial area under flood but this is necessary to avoid major devastation. He said a natural breach took place in Jhang protective bund that diverted water towards the city and efforts are being made to fill it.

He said Chenab at Mirala and Qadirabad is flowing normally.

About the expected flood situation in Sindh, Khawaja Asif said the flood would reach Panjnad after Trimu and meet Indus River at Mittankot. At this point the river will be in very high flood. However as Guddu barrage has the capacity to pass 1.2 million cusecs, it will pass through safely. After Guddu the flood will reach Sukkur barrage which has capacity of 1.5 million cusecs and Kotri barrage with capacity of 875,000 cusecs. He hoped that in view of the capacity of these barrages, there will be no risk of major damages in Sindh.

Meanwhile, reports say that a massive area of 88,895 acres has come under water in Jhang district causing losses to cotton, rice and sugar cane crops. Jhang has been cut off with Faisalabad, Bhakkar, Layyah and Multan.

In Bahawalpur, settlements near Panjnad have been evacuated after announcements in mosques urging the people to move to safer places to avoid the expected flood.INP

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