ATCs to conduct daily hearings for speedy disposal of terrorism cases

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s higher judiciary decided on Wednesday to give top priority to terrorism cases and conduct daily hearings to clear out a backlog pending with the country’s anti-terrorism courts.
Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk was chairing a meeting to formulate strategy for the speedy disposal of terrorism cases.
Following the savage attack by Taliban gunmen on a school in Peshawar last week, the chief justice had announced that he would convene a meeting of the high court judges to ensure the speedy disposal of terrorism cases pending with the ATCs.
The meeting decided that trial of militancy related terrorism cases shall be given priority and heard on day-to-day basis as provided under the Anti-Terrorism Act. The Anti-Terrorism Court Judges must bound down the witnesses, the investigation/prosecution agencies and the defence counsel for a particular date so that the cases are tried on day-to-day basis.
As regards the Province of Balochistan and the Malakand Division, where FC/Levies personnel/Revenue officials are entrusted with the registration of FIRs and investigation of cases, the concerned Government functionaries shall ensure that police officers, who are actually trained in the processes of registration/investigation of cases are immediately inducted by requisitioning the services of the suitable personal from the police departments.

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