ATC Lahore sends motorway gang-rape suspect on 14-day judicial remand

LAHORE : An anti-terrorism court (ATC) Lahore on Tuesday handed over motorway gang-rape suspect, Shafqat Ali, to police on 14-day judicial remand. As per details, the ATC judge Arshad Hussain Bhatta heard the case and handed over Shafqat Ali, one of the two prime suspects in the Lahore motorway gang rape case to police on 14-day judicial remand. The court has handed over motorway gang-rape suspect to police for an identification parade. A case was registered against Shafqat on behalf of the gang-rape survivor’s relative, police informed the court. Shafqat, who confessed to his crime, was brought to the court amid tight security with his face covered with a piece of cloth. Earlier today, a sessions court in Lahore granted six-day physical remand of Shafqat Ali. Additional Sessions Judge Misbah Khan handed over the custody of the suspect to police for six days for investigation. Shafqat, one of the two men believed to be the culprits of the gang rape on Lahore-Sialkot motorway last week was arrested yesterday and he confessed to his crime. Whereas, Abid Ali is still at large and is expected to be arrested soon. Earlier in the day, Police arrested a close associate of Abid Ali, the prime suspect in the Lahore motorway gang-rape case during a raid in Chichawatni. Bala Mistri was the owner of the auto workshop where Shafqat and Abid Ali used to work.

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