‘Arresting Qadri would further aggravate situation’

SardarSarar Khan Niazi terms PAT chief a legend

Says uncertainty prevails among masses over deadlock

Salman Tanvir

ISLAMABAD: Government must not try to arrest Dr. Tahirul Qadri, Chief Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT), as it would further aggravate the situation and might create more problems for the incumbent government. These views were expressed by Sardar Khan Niazi, Editor in Chief Pakistan Group of Newspapers, MD Roze TV on Tuesday.

“If the government arrested Dr Qadri, his followers would resist the move with full force and it would be extremely difficult for the government to control the situation”, he noted/

tSardar Khan Niazi ermed the PAT chief Dr Qadri a legendary figure who remained committed to bring about change in the entire system which according to him is based on nepotism, corruption, mismanagement and injustice. “Dr Tahirul Qadri believes that revolution he wants to bring is bigger than making amendments and if he succeeded to achieve the goals it would be a great example for others to follow,” he revealed.

People are devastated due to the ongoing political impasse fearing worst yet to come, he added. He said people fear more violence due to deadlock as the government committee and political jirga failed to find solution acceptable to all stakeholders.

Thousands of policemen deployed to handle the protestors are also in state of confusion as they don’t know what to do and whom to listen, the stakes are high as both the protestors and policemen are gearing up to take on each other. The sit-ins, clashes at Constitution Avenue that houses nearly 138 countries embassies, high commissions and sensitive state buildings such as the Supreme Court, Presidency, Parliament, PM House. PTV etc is very critical. The sit-ins have created panic among the people who are outraged by the cold response of the government, he claimed.

Sardar Khan Niazi maintained that Imran Khan and Dr Qadri would not end the sit-ins unless the Prime Minister resigns. But the Prime Minister with the backing of parliamentary parties had clearly told that he would not resign come what may.

Sardar Khan Niazi maintained that mishandling of Model Town tragedy by some of the government’s wizard left no choice for the PAT chief but to launch drive against the incumbent government to seek justice for the martyrdom of party’s 14 activists including women, youth and elderly people. Sardar Khan Niazi said that though Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri’ demands are similar to some extent but one can differentiate the nature of their causes. Dr Qadri remained confined to his container from the day one while Imran Khan who also live in the container most of the time but spend nights at his home in Banni Gala, he maintained adding that there is no proper facilities such as provision of potable water.

He stressed the need of resolving issues immediately arguing that the situation would become more complex if government keeps delaying the matter. The demand of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation has been ruled out while Imran Khan and Dr Qadri are not ready to leave the venue without achieving their goals, Sardar Khan Niazi concluded.

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