APTMA demands to lift ban on new industrial connections

ISLAMABAD: Imran Maqbool, Chairman, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, (APTMA) Sindh-Balochistan Region has asked the government to allow new gas connections as well as allow applications for enhancement of load which have been lying pending decisions for a long time and adversely affecting industrial activity and creation of employment.

In a statement, Mr. Maqbool said that with the import of RLNG and removal of bottlenecks, the availability of gas in the country has increased. This has led to increase in industrial activity. He demanded for removal of moratorium on the new gas connections to the industries located in Sindh with immediate effect on the same pattern as that done for the residential buildings.

He further said that our members in Sindh are still facing a problem of low gas pressure which is badly affecting our production resulting in delay in shipments of export orders. If the same problem will persist, the  textile industry which is the major export oriented industry will be unable to meet the target set by the government and fully utilize the market access extended by EU.

Imran Maqbool pointed out that the Sindh province is rich in gas reserves, still the gas needs of the industry in Sindh are not being met properly. He urged the government that specially after the smooth induction of RLNG in the country, ban on new gas connections as well as enhancement of gas load to the industry in Sindh should be given immediate attention which is highly rich in the production of natural gas.

Textile Industry is the backbone of our economy and earning much needed foreign exchange and creating employment opportunities, and any quick decision in this regard would bring growth in the economy and prosperity to the general public at large scale, he added. NNI

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