Anticipation of the final blow

The revolution has been clinging on the hope of making a final blow that would crash the government instantaneously. Many speculations have been made by many recognized political analysts, till now there is no perfect ending for this gigantic endeavor. It has become mandatory for the politicians to pull up their socks and devise the best plan in accordance to the issues at hand. It is a good notion that still everyone who has a stake in democracy wants a political solution. However, they do not have ample time to sit and discuss. This time should be used to make practical and noteworthy decisions following with implementation on the earliest.

The passing by of every moment is exceptionally increasing the risk of amplified civilian brutalities. It must not be forgotten that the final blow can be from other authorities as well who cannot linger on forever and witness civilian casualties with no repercussions. There are many liable threats and issues that need to be addressed with the seriousness of intentions. The impact of every movement of the politicians has been noted by the people of Pakistan. Time has brought the nation once again to a certain point where directions get blur.

The importance of strategic decisions on the aspect of the growth of the nation cannot be forgotten. It seems like the very core function of the politicians has been completely ignored. There are other aspects where the attentive retention of the politicians has been focused. Since the past six decades, there has been no development that would manifest the country on strategic basis. Every politician has tried to end their term with minor developing projects that would help them get elected in the next term. The circle of politics needs to be changed as soon as possible for the sake of this country and its people.




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