Anticipation of political betterment

Atif Iqbal


Free Lance journalist

There are rumors of all sorts, that the current political shift is the strategy of another entity. Then there are facts based reports of the people that actually are fed up of this democratically elected government. Still, most people believe that the problem lies in the system rather than the favors granted by some political giants. The core reasoning of this paradox is the betterment of the current political system. How to achieve betterment is the slow but only comprehensible solution for the people of Pakistan and the nation as whole. The most crucial designated task is the clean elections, which in Pakistan seems near to impossible. Many politicians believe that the proper elections can change this democratic stature entirely.

The concept of having the political system that would not only provide better living conditions to their constituency but their counterparts must gain the same importance as well. Having this feeling of nationalism can counter the gravest of issues that can range from social, political or international phenomenon of national diminishing. When the politicians fix their eyes on a single target, the tunnel vision approach could be seen. This way not only solidarity but the best and most efficient ways of completing a task can be experienced. Then again countries and nations need generations to get at the very best of their abilities. Beyond any reasonable doubt, Pakistan has the ability to outrace any international competition given that politicians are on the same page in their internal understandings.

In order to gain the best of everything the people of Pakistan has every right of humanity. Still there are people that do not have the very basics needs satisfied which even include food and clean water let alone education or health benefits. These monstrous problems have not been managed by any political party in whole. The facts state that people of Pakistan are getting below the standards every coming day. The concept that the politicians who are getting turns again and again to become a ruler does not have any revolutionary strategy that could transform Pakistan. It is a matter of principles that are applied on the national leaders and their respective followers.

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