Anti state forces out to destablise Pakistan

The Prime Minister Modi has accused Pakistan of starting proxy war against India while claiming that Pakistan has lost the strength to fight a conventional war. During his second Addressing Indian armed forces in Leh and Ladakh, Modi claimed that the Indian armed forces were suffering more casualties from terrorism than from war. Since assuming the office, Modi keeps talking tough against Pakistan and reportedly refused to hold any talks on Indian Occupied Kashmir. The unprovoked firing by the Indian troops continued till Tuesday. Thus making situation more tensed. Mode right after assuming office told his aides to plan comprehensive strategy with regard to Indian held Kashmir thus sending a clear message to Pakistan that New Delhi will not hold any talks when it comes to the resolution of core issue of Kashmir.

Pakistan always termed Indian held Kashmir as its jugular vein and always made it clear to Indian government that peace can not be prevailed in the region until the resolution of core issue of Kashmir. Our leaders always invited each and every Indian PM to hold talks on the very issue but the later never showed any sincerity instead always sought Pakistan’s support in granting India the Most Favourite Nation status besides stressing to hold dialogues on trade related issues.

On our western border, Afghanistan has started intervening into Pakistan’s affairs. President Hamid Karzai not only accused Pakistan of firing shells on its soil but also warned Islamabad that he has order Afghan forces to response in the same coin if any such incidents take place. While US seemed to have diverted its attention from taking interest in cooling down the tense situation between the Kabul and Islamabad what to say about Indian held Kashmir as Washington is keeping mum when it comes to the resolution of core issue.

Under the prevailing tension on our eastern and western borders, our political leadership must find ways to end the ongoing political confrontation and show solidarity to the outer world which is the need of the hour. Until now it appeared that none of our politician has learnt any lesson from the past. The prevalent political situation is very harmful for the country’s integrity as well sovereignty as it is only beneficial for the anti state elements who are bent upon to declare Pakistan as failed state and wanted to take control of Pakistan nuclear assets. Being only Islamic country with nuclear capabilities, there are some foreign powers who do not want to accept this: reality: Israel and India have developed a nexus for not letting any Islamic country for becoming nuclear power. The conspiracies are on to make world realise that Pakistan is not a responsible state and its nuclear assists could be fall into the hands of fundamentalists.

Pakistan time an again has told the world that our armed forces are fully capable to thwart any such efforts and its nuclear assists are totally safe. But after 9/11 Jewish and Indian lobby launched anti-Pakistan campaign by terming country’s nuclear capability as “Islamic Bomb”. Though in the back-drop of global war on terror, Pakistan’s armed forces’ sacrifices have been appreciated world-wide but on the other hand, Pakistan has been accused of sponsoring terrorism. Pakistan being non-Nato ally suffered the most in war on terror. So far thousands of armed forces personnel, civilians embrace martyrdom while fighting against terror. Country’s economy also suffered a huge loses but still no concrete measures have been taken on the part of West to help Pakistan meet the losses it suffered.

Pakistan has always offered olive branch to India in order to resolve issues through dialogues particularly the core issue of Kashmir. But Indian leadership always turned it eyes. It is a fact that peace can not be prevailed in the region until the resolution of Kashmir issue as per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Unfortunately, our politicians never took the challenges seriously when it comes to deal with the external challenges. Now at a time when our armed forces busy in operation Zarb Azab and firmed to put an end to the terrorism once for all, the political unity is the need of the hour to make Zarb Azab a success. But unfortunately our politicians are locked in political confrontation which is in way in the interest of the nation.

Until now the government and opposition parties especially the PAT and PTI are at dagger-drawn. PAT, PTI remained firmed to hold marches while the government appeared to be in no mood to allow that happen. Aug 14 is the day of our Independence and nobody either sitting in power corridor or opposition benches have the right to create hurdle in celebrating it.

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