Anti-judiciary campaign

By Asif Mehmood

Judiciary is in the line of fire. The front men of PMLN coterie is trigger happy in this regard. The agenda is clear: Save the King even if the heavens may fall. They are focusing on multidimensional agenda: blast the institutions, bring them into ridicule, put them under pressure and serve your master. Maryam Nawaz initiated it, and then came Nawaz Sharif himself into the scene and now their team in the guise of media is there to do the rest.

Asif Kirmani says Mian Nawaz Sharif is being punished for his love for Pakistan.  If one buys this mysterious narrative one is bound to be grappled with this troubling question whether the decision against Nawaz was some sort of anti state activity? What do you want to say sir? Spit it out.

Then there comes a tweet from Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami. The gentleman says Justice Molvi Mushtaq was a great judge but his anger against Bhutto snatched away his greatness from him. The gentleman further says that hearing a case against any politician is not that easy a job as they are representatives of the people. If a judge becomes angry he should opt out of the bench.

Again I wonder whether or not these remarks amount to contempt of court? Whether or not it is a judicial contempt?

For a profound understanding the relevant legal provisions are being reproduced here.

“Whoever disobeys or disregards any order, direction or process of a court , which he is legally bound to obey; or commits a willful breach of a valid undertaking given to a court; or does anything which is intended to or tends to bring the authority of a court or the administration of law into disrespect or disrepute, or to interfere with or obstruct or interrupt or prejudice the process of law or the due course of any judicial proceedings, or to lower the authority of a court or scandalize a judge in relation to his office, or to disturb the order or decorum of a court is said to commit “contempt of court” the contempt is of three types, namely; the “Civil contempt” “criminal contempt” and “judicial contempt “.

Section 2C interprets the judicial contempt under: it means the scandalization of a court and includes personalized criticism of a judge while holding of office.

Now as regards the case of contempt of court, the relevant provisions are there and the decision is yours.

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