Another terrorist attack

Terrorists attacked a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) camp in Badaber area and killed 15 worshipers offering prayers inside a mosque, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.

According to details the number of casualties was confirmed at 29, of which 15 were martyred in the mosque, 7 while performing ablution in the barracks next to the mosque, 3 including one officer embraced martyrdom while fighting the terrorists and 4 civilians employed at the base also met their maker. 13 terrorists were surrounded and killed by security forces. The attackers were clad in Frontier Constabulary (FC) uniforms.

After nine months of Peshawar APS terrorist carnage, it was a first high targeting terrorist attack in Peshawar. It is understood that we are fighting a war against terrorism and terrorists are on the run. PAF camp in Badaber is not a functional base and is being used for residential purposes, but we should also prepare well for counter attack of the terrorists. Coward attack of terrorists on Muslims who were offering prayer yet has proved once again that terrorists belong to no religion, they are mislead inhuman individuals and enemy of humanity.

Few days before, Multan was targeted, leading to the deaths of 10 innocent civilians and injuries to scores more. Punjab’s home minister, Shuja Khanzada, was killed by militants last month in a suicide attack. It looks like the militants are back in action and trying their best to make people realize that there is no such thing as safety in Pakistan.

It is the time to implement NAP with true letter and spirit and abettors of terrorists must be dealt with iron hands. We salute to the martyrs of our forces who have sacrifices their lives for the beloved motherland. It is the need of time that we all must be united to fight against the monster of terror.

 After success of Zarb-e-Azb, it is need of hour to implement NAP in true letter and spirit to eliminate roots of terrorism.

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