Another day, another scam

Irregularities to the tune of millions have emerged in Oil and Gas Development Company Limited. According to details put forward in Public Accounts Committee meeting 325 vehicles were sold for just 19 million whereas the actual price of these vehicles was 190 million. Many vehicles were given at prices as low as just one thousand rupees.

The harrowing case is yet another in the ever growing list of misconduct and rampant plundering of public money. The scandalous irregularities must be thoroughly investigated by the relevant departments and those responsible must be brought to justice.

There have been many such cases in the past but they are casually brushed away without punishing those responsible. This disregard of politicians towards the misuse of tax payer’s money is a reason of great anger and frustration in the public. The public doesn’t pay taxes for the luxuries of the upper classes. They pay these taxes so they are spent on the welfare and well being of the public.

In any civilized country where there is rule of law not even a single penny of tax payer’s can be misspent, each cent is audited and the public know exactly where the money has gone. But it is the dilemma of our country that politicians are not at all bothered about what happens to the hard earned money of the very people that give them the power.

We have enough departments to investigate such issue, the National Accountability Bureau, Federal Investigation Agency and many other departments are working under the pretext of capturing the culprits involved in leaching the resources of the country but they also seem to fail in doing anything about these issue. If the conditions persist the public out-cry may soon turn into full blown protests. Public money is not meant to be used as a credit card for the lavish lifestyles of those who hold power.


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