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Another confrontation

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has gained political advantage over rival PTI after the historic verdict of Judicial Commission in favour of the ruling party. Incumbent government has been given a clean chit regarding the fairness of general elections 2013.

After some hue and cry Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has given nod to the findings of Judicial Commission and has vowed to perform duties for betterment of the country being an active political party in Parliament.

When it seemed that everything has settled down, our politicians came up with another self created issue. MQM and the JUI-F have pushed a resolutions seeking to de-seat Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmakers from Parliament for its absence from Parliament for months. Both JUI F and MQM have their own certain reasons to settle score with PTI but PML N needs to understand they are the ruling party and should not indulge in another controversy. But the young lot of PML N appears to be bent upon to humiliate the PTI and push the party for another crisis.

There were encouraging reports as per senior leader of PML N Federal Minister for Information, Pervez Rashid revealed that Prime Minister has asked MQM and JUI-F to withdraw their assembly resolutions against PTI. It is in the best interest of PML N not to indulge in another political game, which could harm the government more than PTI. PML (N) must be satisfied that majority of political forces stood by it and the judicial process also exonerated it of the charges repeatedly leveled by Imran Khan. Under these circumstances, it is duty of the ruling party to ensure that there is no going back towards another confrontation.

Government knows that there are number of more important issues to focus on than wasting its energies on another crisis.

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