ANF foils bids to smuggle drugs abroad, arrests six offenders

RAWALPINDI, Nov 21 (INP) ANF in its drive against narcotics, conducted 5 operations at various cities and recovered 7.2 Kgs of Charas, 370 Grams of Amphetamine, Heroin filled capsules, 23 Bottles of Liquor and arrested 6 offenders involved in drug smuggling. Most of the recovered drugs were to be smuggled abroad. The value of recovered drug amounts approximately Rs. 8.35 million in International market.

According to details, ANF Rawalpindi Road Check Team during road checking at Chungi No. 26, G.T Road, Rawalpindi, apprehended an accused Muhammad Mumtaz r/o Khushab and recovered 370 Grams of Amphetamine from his trolley bag. The drug was to be handed over to his accomplice namely Zeeshan r/o Khushab for smuggling to Saudi Arabia. After initial investigations, ANF also arrested Zeeshan r/o Khushab with ingested Heroin filled capsules at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad. He was to fly for Jeddah by Shaheen International Airline Flight No. NL-715.

ANF Rawalpindi Airport Team during routine profiling at Benazir International Airport, Islamabad, detained a passenger Akhtar Amin r/o Buner on suspicion of carrying Heroin filled capsules. During initial interrogation, the accused confessed of having ingested Heroin filled capsules. He intended to board for Dubai by Shaheen Airline Flight No. NL-221. Later on, the accused was admitted in Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi for recovery of capsules.

ANF Peshawar recovered 7.2 Kgs of Charas from personal possession of Niaz Ali Shah r/o District Charsadah. He was arrested near Kalaya Filling Station, Hangu Road, Kohat while travelling in a passenger van. Charas was concealed in his passenger bag. As per initial investigation, he was transporting the drug from Orakzai Agency to Charsadah for local consumption.

ANF Karachi Airport Team arrested a passenger Khalique-ul-Zaman r/o District Nawab Shah at International Arrival lounge, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi and recovered 11 Bottles of Liquor and 12 Beer Tins concealed in his luggage. The accused arrived at Karachi from Sharjah by Air Arabia Airline Flight No. G9-549. The accused was handed over to Pakistan Customs after fulfilling necessary formalities.

ANF Karachi Airport Team during routine checking at Jinnah International Airport Karachi, intercepted a passenger namely Muhammad Shuaib Shahzad r/o Toba Tek Singh who confessed of having ingested Heroin filled capsules in his belly. He intended to take off for Dubai by PIA Flight No. PK-213.

All cases have been registered at ANF Police Stations and further investigations are under progress.


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