American Role in Israel-Palestinian Conflict

January 1, 2018

By Samrah Mobeen

Middle East is a region of complex and different security dynamics. According to the regional security complex theory regions are close to each other in terms of same security issues. And they have different security dynamics. Hence alliances are constructed by keeping these security assertions in mind. If we compare the security dynamics of Middle East with South Asia, we can assess that the politics of Middle East revolve around sectarian conflicts and differences. Sectarian differences and the proportion of population shape the alliance system. Whereas in South Asia it is more on historical animosities.

In 1948 we saw an emergence of a state on the fault lines of Middle East as Israel. America was the first one to recognize it. Truman administration recognized it just after few minutes of its inception. Jews became the illegal occupants of the territory of Palestine as claimants of holy sites. There’s no doubt that Jews committed the human rights violations in Palestine.

Following the 1967 war that was initiated with the Israeli attack on Egypt and Israel later won it with massive support of United States and it occupied many territories. Any such kind of occupation has been termed as totally illegal and unjustified under the auspices of United Nations Charter after the disastrous consequences of world wars in the 20th century. United Nations termed these occupations as illegal and obliged Israel to return it. But America has also helped Israel with Veto power by blocking any such resolution which also includes the trial of Israel on the part of human rights violations especially in 1967 war.

The solution of this conflict lies in two state solution under the international law and the United Nations resolution 242 which gives the right of self-determination to the people. United States claim that it wants the peace process between two states but that peace process should not be according to international law. Which means that United States isn’t ready to favour the right of self-determination of the Palestinian people.

American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) the Jewish lobby was created in 1963. Some people believe that this lobby has strong influence on American decision making. But that is not true, American policy is decided by its policy makers and it is derived by the mere national interests. But there’s no doubt that on the Palestine-Israel issue this lobby derives the US policy.

But the critique on the American attitude comes when we compare the same situation with Iran. The nuclear proliferation program of Iran was perceived as a threat and evil hence detrimental to peace of world. But was it justified to halt one state (Iran) from pursuing it while not dealing with the other state (Israel) whose such acts are putting the other states in security dilemma.

Iran was dealt harshly by International community by imposing economic sanctions and damaging its economy until it was made subservient to the international demand of surveillance over its nuclear program. But nothing as such was done to Israel. Such liberal order is totally biased and favoring the one community on the basis of common values they share. There was a time when external powers interference in the regional matters was taken as totally offensive. But this game of deception in the liberal order has played very unjustifiably, favoring a particular community enjoying shared values. And hence they are ruling the world.

Now the question arises that why US is supporting Israel when the existence of Palestine is not a threat to its existence. We can find this answer in the wake of cold war realities. US supported Israel because it was an anticommunist bulwark in this region. Second US has always perceived the Pan Islamism and the Arab Nationalism as a threat. So to counter this expansion of Arab nationalism US supported Israel. Third reason US needed a pro-western state in the region that it got in the form of Israel to secure its interests.

*The writer is a student at National Defence University Islamabad.