Altaf hails PTI, PAT’s decision for accepting the COAS as a mediator

KARACHI (INP): The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has welcomed the decision of protesting parties Tehreek-e-Insaf, Pakistan Awami Tehreek and their allies for accepting Army Chief Gen Raheel Shareef as a mediator.

Commenting on the situation he said in an interview that it was a positive development and enabled Pakistan to avoid major bloodshed and damage.

“The army chief has done a great service by doing this. I fully support the mediation process, “Mr. Hussain said.

Addressing the Army Chief Gen RaheelShareef Mr. Hussain said, “You have won the hearts of people by offering your help and playing an affective role for the resolution of the current political crisis. Those who win people’s hearts are great persons.”

Commenting on the role of the prime minister in the present crisis Mr. Hussain said that you made a delayed decision. He said that the parties should accept the ground realities and take into consideration the accepted position of army chief.

“Few days ago I had said that the army will take action as authorized by law. Now it is happening. MQM is the only party which has been making efforts from the day one to resolve the political crisis through dialogue, “Hussain said.

Addressing the Army Chief Gen RaheelShareef Hussain said, “You have played a great role for the resolution of political crisis. I want to make you a request. It would be good work. During the tenure of Gen. Asif Nawaz in 1992 misunderstandings were created between MQM and the army. Jinnahpur conspiracy was hatched to prove MQM an anti-state party. Allegations were hurled at the party for this purpose.

They suspected the patriotism of Muhajir community. Ethnic riots were orchestrated. I request you to bridge the gulf between MQM and the army. It would be a great service to the nation. MQM’s leadership, workers and Muhajirs will pray for your.”

Hussain said that we love Pakistan and Pak Army.

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