All eyes on Germany’s crucial role

None can deny that Germany as the foremost economic power in Europe and one of the key leaders in the European Union, can play a more productive role in the UN Security Council. It would be a kind of role that not only could prevent the world body’s deteriorating by the US, but also would turn it into a tangible challenge for Trump’s unilateral policies in the world. In her New Year message, German Chancellor Angela Merkel laid emphasis on that Germany would take up more responsibility to help solve world’s problems created as a result of unilateralism. To do so, Angela Merkel said, Berlin wants the European Union to be more involved in decision-making processes aimed at solving the world’s problems. Not all that long ago, US magazine Time named Merkel “Mrs. Europe. Merkel has displayed different style in dealing with difficult political leaders. She has remained in dialogue with Trump, Putin and Erdogan and made no secrets about political differences. US President Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from international accords and UN organizations that has led to the end of Washington’s financial support for the UN is aimed at weakening the world order, in particular to undercut the role of the United Nations. Germany’s two-year membership in the United Nations Security Council began as the New Year started. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas put forward a suggestion that Berlin would be fuller of zip against Washington’s unilateral policies. Germany’s constructive presence, on behalf of 28 European Union member states, can become a big challenge for Trump’s imprudent policies. What is more, Britain’s exit from the European Union leaves France, the only European Union member, in the UN Security Council. Germany’s proposal that the EU should have a permanent seat in the UNSC is a right policy to shore it up against US unilateralism. This comes as a lot of analysts foretell that 2019 would be a difficult and agonizing year for Trump. In 2019, Trump would face the House of Representatives, whose majority is in the hands of Democrats. All over the world, Trump would see failures as the past two years have seen the union of world’s multilateralists against his few and far between political and economic policies. The new House refuses to agree to any money for Trump’s wall along US-Mexico border to end the ongoing government shutdown, an issue lots of economists prophesy would lead to the decline of the US economy in 2019. The union of world’s multilateralists, comprising the European Union can stop Trump’s disparaging and unilateral policies. The status of the United Nations Security Council and the role of Germany are of crucial importance in this regard.

The union of world’s multilateralists, comprising the European Union can stop Trump’s disparaging and unilateral policies.

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