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Aleem Khan sends resignation to CM Punjab after PM’s approval

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leader and Punjab minister Aleem Khan said on Friday that he is sending his resignation to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

He was a senior minister in CM Buzdar’s cabinet and had the provincial food portfolio.

The development came after Aleem Khan met Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Aleem Khan tweeted that during the meeting, important matters including his resignation as a minister came under discussion.

وزیراعظم عمران خان سے آج ھونے والی ملاقات میں اُنہیں قائل کیا ھے اپنے نیوز چینل سماء نیوز کے حوالے سے غیر جانبداری قائم رکھنے کے لئے ضروری ھے میرے پاس کوئی حکومتی عہدہ نہ ھو لہذا وہ بطور سینئر وزیر/وزیر خوراک حکومت پنجاب اب میرا استعفی قبول فرما لیں۔ 1/2— Abdul Aleem Khan (@aleemkhan_pti) November 26, 2021

He said that he explained his rationale for resigning from the post. After becoming the owner of a television channel, it would be difficult to keep the portfolios while maintaining impartiality, Aleem Khan said.

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