Alarming increase in road accidents

A deadly road accident between an oil tanker and passenger coach late Saturday night left at least 59 dead with scores wounded as both vehicles caught fire. Hospital officials said that they have received more than 57 bodies but the death toll may rise as most of them are completely burnt and stuck to each other. They said the bodies of at least six children were stuck to women who may have been their mothers, adding it was impossible to separate the remains.

Mounting trends of accidents in Pakistan is speaking volumes of the fact; we are a nation in dire need of addressing and focusing on the human side of the governance sadly lacking in Pakistan for decades.

We are immune to ignore the human side of the story and we are addicted to discuss the political side of the picture. Politics, ofcourse, is of paramount importance that it does not mean under the spur of politics we ignore problems, miseries and worries of the masses. The fact is not denying that thousands have been died in road accidents. The figures are eye opener, according to statistic 60 to 70 thousand die in Pakistan in road accidents.

In these days, the fog has engulfed almost every part of the country, but even in the foggy atmosphere there is no one to implement the traffic rules and you go on the road and you witness the horrific violation of traffic rules and norms. The police in Pakistan is more concerned in minting money than to enforce public safety measures. Perhaps with the sole exception of Motorway Police, that should have been role model for the remaining cadre of police department. Parliament should also take necessary measures to address the issue and media should play more vital role to sensitize the awareness of the issue.

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