‘Alama Iqbal’s poetry a great source of strength for both countries’

ISLAMABAD (INP): Pakistan and Iran share common destiny, and they need to work together to ensure a better future for their people and live a dignified life in the comity of the nations.

Both the countries enjoy common national and ideological identity in view of their decades’ old social cultural linkages which also work as strong base for their joint struggle to face present days’ challenges, said Iranian Councilor Dr. Taqi Sadiqi.

Addressing students of history department of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) here Saturday, he said their historical background justified them to work closely for transforming their dreams into reality.

He was of the view that the task of fostering the bonds of their bilateral partnership should not be left only to political leaders or parties. Rather, intellectuals, literary figures and the public at large should play their role to achieve the desired results.

Dr. Taqi who will be leaving Pakistan on Sunday on completion of his three-year diplomatic assignment in Pakistan, further said he found immense love and affection among the Pakistani people for their Iranian brothers and sisters.

The people of the two countries are also linked with common ideological, linguistic heritage which inspire them to work with same zeal and spirit for reviving of their past glory.

Dr. Taqi said he found Pakistan a great nation, which is enriched with vast potential to play a leading role in the Muslim World for facing new challenges. People of Iran hold Pakistan in high esteem and wish to work together for achieving their common goals.

Paying tributes to Allama Dr Muhammad Iqbal, he said his poetry was a great source of strength for the two countries to stay together, with a common identity.

Dr. Taqi said he was proud of his strong attachment with Pakistani people and wished to work as their representative on way back home.

Vice Chancellor AIOU Prof. Dr. Ali Asghar Chishti, senior Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafeez , Assistant Professor Abdul Basit Mujahid reciprocated his loving sentiments for Pakistan and appreciated his contribution and role for further strengthening Pak-Iran cultural ties during the last three years. Dr. Taqi, they said will be long remembered for his outstanding work in promoting love and brotherhood on people-to-people level.

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