Al-Shifa launches awareness campaign on breast cancer

RAWALPINDI, Nov 23 (INP): Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia and one out of nine women is at risk of breast cancer.

This was stated by the speakers at launching of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign organized by the Department of Public Health at AL- Shifa Trust Eye

Hospital (TEH) here under the supervision of Dr. Ayesha Babar Kawish, Assistant Professor MSPH Program.

The speakers said that early diagnosis of the breast cancer can increase the chances of survivor to 90 percent. They said that the campaign is a ladder to social

barriers that cause people to shy away and not to talk about this potentially fatal but curable disease at early stage.

Earlier, the campaign started with a lecture on reasons of this type of cancer and public health measures for its prevention delivered by Dr. Ayesha.

On this occasion an informative presentation was given by Muhammad Imran, an MSPH student followed by concluding remarks by Dr.Zahid Butt, Head of Department MSPH Program.

A walk headed by Dr. Zahid Butt, was also arranged. The faculty, students and other staff, patients and their attendants took part in the walk. Pamphlets were alsodistributed among the participants.

The students were holding the banner of Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The campaign was highly appreciated while the students were praised for their

positive contribution exercising their communication skills with community and talking about this less highlighted issue publicly.

Indeed reducing risk factors of malignancy and early detection and effective screening programs can reduce the burden of breast cancer.


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