Aitzaz suggests govt to convene joint session of Parliament on counter-terrorism strategy

Ch. Aitzaz AhsanISLAMABAD, Dec 23 (INP) Leader of the opposition in the Senate Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan has suggested to the government to convene joint session of the Parliament to discuss counter-terrorism strategy.

Addressing the Senate in Islamabad on Tuesday, he urged the Prime Minister to take the nation into confidence in fighting against terrorism.

Aitzaz Ahsan said Ulema and Madaris should also be asked to play their vital role in this regard.

He said that PPP has presented about twenty four proposals to the Parliamentary Committee on counter-terrorism. He said there is a need to bring Madrasas into a coordinated system and their syllabus should be amended according to the present day needs.

Aitzaz Ahsan said Pakistan should sign a peace and cooperation treaty with Afghanistan to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the region.


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