Aitzaz, Khursheed Shah blast Nisar for sabotaging unity in parliament

Questions his loyalty to PM; ask PM to reshuffle cabinet after end of political crisis  ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (INP): Leaders of the opposition in the Senate and National Assembly Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan and Syed Khursheed Shah made stinging attacks on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan by questioning his loyalty and asking the prime minister to be careful from his left and right and reshuffle the cabinet after the present crisis is over. Talking on the floor of the Parliament on Friday, Aitzaz Ahsan strongly defended the allegations leveled against him by Nisar terming them pathetic, mean and baseless. He said he and Syed Khursheed Shah suggested the prime minister to convene the joint sitting of parliament and said till the parliament and opposition was not at the back of the government, the ministers were highly upset. He said that before the opposition?s support, the body language of the PM and his ministers displayed disappointment and loss. Aitzaz Ahsan expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for expressing his sympathies and tendering an apology on behalf of his minister (Chaudhry Nisar). He said he stood in the House as he has been accorded respect by the party of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Terming the allegations against him as pathetic, the senator said that the prime minister needs to review his cabinet and the members who surround him in order to assess their loyalty. Elaborating his efforts for democracy, Aitzaz said that he had struggled for democracy during the eras of different dictators and rejected offers of becoming minister and prime minister during the eras of Zia and Pervaiz Musharraf. ?I was jailed, so was my wife and my sister during the Zia era,” he told.  He, then, recalled the time when he had called off the long march and told that he did not call it off over any order from General Kayani, but only after Prime Minister Gilani had reinstated the judges following which he consulted Munir Malik and other lawyers to end the march. Responding to the allegations leveled by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, Aitzaz Ahsan said that he had refused to appear before Iftikhar Chaudhry after his reinstatement. He said he had received many offers from Karachi to appear in their cases before CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry and he could have made billions but he refused to accept them. He said that he had many channels to do business through his politics or connections, but he did not do it as he did not want to. Aitzaz said though he struggled for the restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry but he also disappointed him.  Addressing the PM, he questioned Nawaz Shairf as for how long he will apologise on behalf of those who have already abandoned him. Responding to the LPG business allegations, Aitzaz admitted that his wife does LPG but she got the quota in 2000 when the gas business was de-regulated. He said as Ch Nisar remained Petroleum Minister he must be well aware of that. He said that his wife pays more taxes on LPG business than any minister.  Angry Aitzaz, then, pointed towards Chaudhry Nisar and said that he was still giving him eyes. He criticized Nisar and said that he should know that the government is not doing any one a favour by tolerating criticism.  Referring to allegation of representing land mafia, Aitzaz said that former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and now premier Nawaz Sharif were his clients, and if Nisar was calling them land mafia.  Aitzaz said that it is the government’s responsibility to remain tolerant and then mentioned about the challenges that Asif Ali Zardari had to face during his tenure.  He said that if he walks out of the House, all his supporters and brothers will walk out with him and then the PM will be left with no support but may be only Mehmood Khan Achakzai with him.  He recounted his family?s role in Pakistan movement and later against dictatorship and said his grandfather was the eldest prisoner and he was the youngest prisoner in jail when his mother was arrested. He disclosed that General Zia offered him cabinet post while Special Secretary to General Musharraf, Tariq Aziz came to him and offered the post of prime minister but he refused.  He also asked the prime minister to see why the Defence Ministry did not issue the notification of General Raja Ziauddin Butt when he was made COAS. Leader of the opposition in NA Syed Khursheed Shah said political parties have foiled conspiracy as parliament is united to save democracy. He said the resignation of the prime minister will weaken parliament and democracy and that is why the House is standing behind him like a rock. He said former president Zardari asked his parliamentarians to stand firm and save democracy and government. Khursheed Shah said that the PM must be wondering why the opposition didn’t boycott Friday’s session. He said that the PM had been worried since Thursday and had they boycotted Friday?s session, it would have worried him even more. He then referred to the snakes hidden in his sleeves. Khursheed Shah then expressed his strong resentment over Chaudhry Nisar?s criticism of Aitzaz Ahsan saying that the minister tried to sabotage the unity showed in the parliament. He said he had told the prime minister that there were Porus?s elephants in his party and some of them were waiting for their turn. He suggested that the PM should form a committee of allied parties to inquire into his allegations. He alleged that Nisar conspires against the government as he took the prime minister at the crossroads. He expressed his wonder that despite opposition?s support, why the opposition leader was subjected to ridicule at such critical time.  Khursheed Shah continued saying that Aitzaz Ahsan stood by Nawaz Sharif in times of trouble. He expressed his disappointment and said that nothing has been left by the latest statements against Aitzaz for them and for the PPP. He said that the prime minister need to assess the people in his circle as there are some who are not loyal to him. He said that the opposition was sitting with the PM in his chamber and even there Nisar misbehaved and later spilled poison in front of the journalists when he could not contain himself. Khursheed Shah then demanded the prime minister to call Chaudhry Nisar to tender apology on the floor of the House. ?Our willingness to stand by the government should not be taken as our weakness Honourable PM,? he said. He mentioned the displeasure of the entire opposition after the Thursday night episode. Ending his speech, he requested the leader of the House and the PM to ensure that those in his ranks respect the lawmakers. INP

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