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Aisam Ul Haq hopes to start a tennis academy

LONDON (INP): Pakistan’s top doubles player Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi says he plans to open a tennis academy in the future but needs support from the government. In an interview published on CNtalks, the former US Open doubles finalist says, “I definitely do plan to start a tennis center or a tennis academy.

I have been asking Punjab Government and the Pakistani government for some plan. But, unfortunately, I have not been able to get one but InshAllah I will keep trying. Would try to have a center somewhere along the road with rightful kids.

And the talented kids and will teach them whatever have learned throughout my career so that there could be more “Aisam Ul Haq’s” for the country and make a name for their families and the country.” Qureshi also lamented about the fact that Pakistan has not produced any more international-level players besides him, saying that squash, cricket and hockey have been the top sports in the nation.

“To start with for the past 70 years or so, tennis has never been a popular sport in Pakistan, it’s always been squash, cricket or hockey. Squash was also popular just because of two individuals, Jansher Khan and Jehangir Khan, who managed to achieve so much for the country by themselves or without any support from the government.

I think it’s very unfortunate that as there has been no player on the tennis tours for the past 20 years’ odd years apart from me. I feel really much honored in a way and feel best as well and proud as well that I have been able to do so much for the country for the past 20 years.

And I’m trying to keep my flag high on the tennis tour anywhere I go. One of the reasons I think is because the government has never done anything to promote this game in Pakistan. I think there is a lot of talent but still, in past 70 years there have not been any public courts, this has not been introduced at the grass root level as well.

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