Agreement Reached in Iran Nuclear Talks

Javad Zarif, Federica MogheriniLAUSANNE: Iran and the European Union are believed to have put together a framework for an agreement on the Middle Eastern nation’s nuclear programme, following eight days of intensive talks.

Today’s successful session will allow for further negotiations before a final agreement must be reached by the 30 June deadline, and will conclude with a joint statement between Iran and six major powers in Lausanne, Switzerland, this evening

The framework was developed after a midnight deadline on Tuesday was extended.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweet: “Found solutions. Ready to start drafting immediately.”

Shortly after, the German Foreign Ministry mirrored Mr Zafir’s tweeted: “Agreement for framework for final agreement reached.”

A Western official told Reuters that it remains unclear how much detail would be released in the joint statement to be issued by Zarif and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who has acted as a coordinator for the six powers – Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the US.

US President Barack Obama will speak about the breakthrough in the from the White House shortly.

The talks aim to prevent Tehran from from developing a nuclear bomb, while allowing the nation to preserve what is argues is its right to develop peaceful nuclear technology. Iran also hopes the process will result in an easing of sanctions, which have damaged its economy.

Meanwhile, the US wants to extend the “breakout time” Iran would need to obtain the enriched uranium needed to make a bomb should it decide to pursue one, by placing limits on Iran’s use of centrifuges to make the material and on its stockpiles.

But Obama is likely to find it difficult to convince Congress to hold off on legislation that would authorise new sanctions on Iran, which the President has warned could upend the delicate diplomacy. Agencies


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