Aggressive policy required to foil Indian agenda: AJK PM

February 6, 2020

MUZAFFARABAD:  Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan Wednesday said the entire nation is standing with the oppressed people of India-occupied Kashmir. Raja Farooq Haider Khan addressed the AJK Legislative Assembly in the presence of Prime Minister Imran Khan on Kashmir Day and expressed solidarity with the people of the held Valley. He stressed that an aggressive policy is required to foil New Delhi’s agenda.

“All of us are backing the people of the occupied land. America will never support our cause and only India will get benefit if it becomes mediator of the Kashmir issue. Palestine has been destroyed after mediation by the United States. “Pakistan is helping Kashmiris despite all difficulties. A national consensus should be developed in Pakistan to unite the nation. We will never let the Pakistan lower in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.”

Raja Farooq Haider has warned Prime Minister Imran against accepting United States’ offer to mediate on the Kashmir dispute, saying that such a move would only benefit Pakistan’s arch-rival India. Haider said that after Aug 5, 2019, was the first time Pakistan had expressed solidarity with Azad Jammu and Kashmir and its people. “As a Kashmiri, I want to make a request to you. Begin national reconciliation in Pakistan. Raise yourself above everyone else and take everyone along,” Haider said.

“You are the prime minister of the country. We respect you and have some expectations from you. Please end these fights on TV talk shows, this has really divided the country.” Haider said the West had put Pakistan in “shackles” which “we need to remove”. “This can only happen when there is national unity and consensus of opinion in the country,” he added. The AJK premier said that his government was cognisant of the challenges being faced by Pakistan and was thankful that, despite the difficulties, Islamabad continued to standby the Kashmiris.

“I hope you didn’t mind anything I said,” the AJK premier said as he wrapped up his address. “We are with you and will not let Pakistan’s flag come down in Kashmir.”   Monitoring Desk

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