Age of Globalization and Challenges to Humanity

By Anila Liaqat*

While sitting in the capital of Pakistan having a warm mug of a famous German brand of coffee, wearing branded cloths, sitting on Victorian style sofa, hanging Turkish curtains in the room, Iranian rugs on the floor, eating from famous fast-food chain, travelling on Japanese automobile and listening the tracks of Dua Lipa while driving, all seems interesting and perhaps fascinating. But how is that possible? Did you ever think about that? Frankly, this question came in my mind and being the student of social sciences I inquisitive to find the answer. After digging
into it, I found the single word i.e. “Globalization”. Yes! If you are doing all this you are living in the age of globalization and it’s all due to globalization. Now, the question arises that how the
world came at this point? Basically, globalization derived from the two systems – “democracy” and “capitalism”. And these two systems emerged at the disintegration of Soviet Union which was indeed a victory of an ideology against another ideology. Different scholars in the different
corners of the globe commented on the ideological victory of capitalism and liberal democracy. But the incredible essay of Francis Fukuyama “The End of History” is above all which later converted into book. In his essay Fukuyama argued that a liberal democracy combined with free
market capitalism and it was the best way to organize a society. The main concept of globalization was encircling democracy free market economy and free flow of capital, ideas, labor, goods and other similar things.
Zooming into the Pakistani society globalization has the greater impact. If we critically analyze the different segments of our society, we will see the different view. Basically, it all
depends on the culture. Our culture is totally different from the western world, it includes dressing, eating, music, worshipping, livelihood, trading, politics, labor demand, education
system, rules & regulations, human welfare societies and family system. Our society is adopting the western culture and their way of living style. It is just to show modernity in our lives. Being a modern is not a crime, but being modern by ignoring others right, is a crime. Like ignoring basic human rights, labor’s rights and favoring a child labor. Pakistan has its own culture and a separate attraction in it. Despite, our society follows western culture whether it’s a dressing, eating or listening a music or any other habit, e.g. using Chinese food, while having our “Desi Dishes” and enjoying English or pop music while having our own elegant music styles i.e.
Classical, Folk, Ghazal & Qawali. Economy is the main pillar which has widely affected by globalization. Economic reforms under globalization has provided opportunities for developing countries like Pakistan. Trading
across the border support your economy and Pakistan has many resources to export to others e.g. Sialkot is a hub for “sports accessories” and “surgical tools”. By exporting the specialties of your country, you can compete the economy of globe. The foremost impact of globalization can
be seen in Pakistan’s cotton policy and its export. A separate Ministry of Textile was established recently to boost textile exports. Similarly many of the industries have been privatized by the Government of Pakistan (GoP) for the strong back bone of economy. Many of the sectors e.g.
Industry, banking, IT have also been undergone tremendous transformation. In the field of education, more than 30,000 private institutes have been established in Pakistan. The main
issue is the disparity of the standard of education. It has resulted in creating two distinct classes in the society. The communication technology revolution has also been brought up the economy of Pakistan. Globalization becomes an integrating phenomenon, one that brings together markets, ideas, individuals, goods and services and communication. Pakistan is right now an example of hybrid society as a result of globalization, trying to find its balance between Islamism
and modernism. Muslim societies have been affected by the wave of globalization. The Islamic values have been criticized. The situation has been compounded by the wanton acts of the terrorists who took thousands of lives. Ironically such activities have proliferated around the world. Partly out of

their sheer ignorance and partly due to the negative/biased projection in media. Under the globalization the world has recognized and acknowledged the fruits of democracy. Now, every state on the globe is aligning its domestic political system with democracy. Pakistan
is marching successfully for the electoral democracy as well.
If we talk about human rights hand-woven carpets and sports goods produced through child labor in Pakistan has been frequently cited as human rights violations. Western countries even banned the import of such goods, as they wanted certification of ‘Free of Child Labor’. For
instance, they also wanted implementation of stronger ‘FIFA’ code by the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry to make sure to protect the human rights. It needs to be pointed out that human rights organizations have failed to take some serious steps against severe human
rights violations in Kashmir or Palestine where the involved states continue to exploit the situation by employing the worst form of what is often referred to as ‘state terrorism’.
In the wake of globalization, adaptation of western culture by forgetting our norms leads us to a confused society, where everyone is living with his own standard and trying to be a modern.
It also leads us where eastern culture and norms getting demolished by the humans. It is an inferiority complex nothing else. Eastern culture has far better aspects of living standard. Economy of the state is the main aspect of globalization as well. A strong economy leads us to
the competition with superpowers. Sometimes privatization of institutes is better option than surveillance by government itself. There is a lot of difference between being a modern and being vulgar. Adapting modernity by staying in limits of Islamism is allowed. Islam teaches us
our basic norms. Democracy is an essential tool for staying in the list of well governed states. In being liberal states, world’s superpowers have implemented democracy. These liberal states works finely for human rights across the globe. Many laws are implemented against child labor
and violations of human rights. Currently, some Muslim states e.g. Palestine, Lebanon and Kashmir are suffering with such violations and the world’s superpowers are spectators. Every state should protect the human rights in the era of globalization.

*Anila Liaqat is the student of Media Studies and remained associated with PBC.
Currently she is writing as a freelancer.

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