Aftermath of Paris attacks

There are growing reports of Islamophobic attacks in various countries since Friday’s massacre in Paris that left at least 129 people dead. In the United States at least 26 state governors from the Republican Party have announced that they would refuse to accept Syrian refugees. Various Mosques in the country have also been vandalized and terrorized.

In Canada a mosque was set on fire in Peterborough and police is treating the incident as a hate crime case. In a social media message a man from Canada portraying himself as an avenger for the Paris attacks, vowed to commit one murder a week against Muslims.

In Britain the Daily Mail published an extremely offensive anti-refugee cartoon, the cartoon which sparked fury on social media shows a man in a tunic carrying what appears to be a prayer mat. Just past him, the darkened silhouette of a woman in a hijab walks toward a sign that boasts of “open borders”, another man with an unkempt beard is shown carrying a rifle. All the while, rats scurry between the immigrants’ feet.

In a propaganda video on social media that went viral a group of people are seen celebrating while chanting Pakistan Zindabad, the video titled ‘Muslims Around The World Celebrate The Islamic Victory In Paris France’. However the video is actually from 2009 and shows British Pakistanis celebrating their teams’ cricket victory.

The above mentioned incidents merely point to huge problem that exists in the west; the problem of blaming every Muslim for terrorist incident. Before blaming Muslims the west needs to realize that the militant group Daesh that claimed responsibility of the Paris attacks has killed thousands of Muslims. Western countries should look internally at what factors are triggering their citizens to partake in terror acts instead of blaming Muslims.

Muslims from around the world have condemned the Paris attacks.

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