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Afghanistan ready for negotiations with Pakistan,” President Ghani

KABUL: Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, after attending Eid-ul-Adha prayers at the Arg mosque, said: “We are fully ready for negotiation with Pakistan,” the presidential palace said in a statement.

He said no one could impel Afghanistan for doing anything and that the country was ready for regional welfare and prosperity, the statement from his office said.

Pointing to the armed oppositions, he said that they should opt either they are from Afghanistan or working as tools of discord.

“Peace is the order of the Almighty Allah and His prophet’s teachings and no one can force us to ignore our national interests,” said the president, asking both Sunni and Shiite religious scholars to pay visits to each other’s mosques and show their religious unity.

He said attack on the holy sites was the work of the rebellious.

Ghani was quoted by the statement as saying that Afghanistan has reached a time in which unity among the entire tribes is available. “We had reached a time that based on our foreign policy, our desires of more than 40 years back is going to be practiced.”

Pointing to the country’s security forces’ dedication, President Ghani said he was proud of the country’s security and defense forces for being engaged in ensuring security in the remote areas of the country to help their Afghan compatriots enjoy Eid festival.


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