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Afghanistan on verge of new humanitarian crisis

After a long struggle of over 20 years, Afghans have succeeded in over through all those powers who were forcefully occupying the territory.  The US withdrawal from Afghanistan marked the ending of the long rule, directly or indirectly in the region by outer forces and the Afghan Taliban peacefully took over the power in Kabul, without facing any resistance.

After taking control of the Afghanistan government, the Taliban showed the global community that they were well aware of the modern diplomatic world and were ready to face the challenges going against their old rough position. In no time they build good diplomatic ties with some of the world powers and formed an interim government that appears to be much prepared for leading the Afghans.

Amid all the good deeds which could be extracted from the Taliban rule and their changed behavior, one thing which could not be ignored is the possible humanitarian crisis that might loom over Afghanistan. Pakistan has been consistently supporting the Afghan brothers since the withdrawal of the US forces.

Pakistan embassy in Kabul has been in the front line to resolve the issues of Afghan nationals be it in the form of medical facilities, daily life needs, or in the form of shelter. Continuing the good work, the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum (PACF) organized a free eye camp for Afghans at Khost and Jinnah Hospitals in Kabul. A free eye camp for the Afghan people was held at the Public Health Office, Khost from November 18 to 20, and at Jinnah Hospital, Kabul, from November 22 to November 24, where patients are being treated for free. 

Pakistan has not only put all-out efforts to avert any possible humanitarian crisis threat in the neighboring country but also appealed to the international community to come forward save the people of Afghanistan who have been suffering due to wars in the past two decades.  

PM Imran on November 09, while talking to the Special Representatives/Envoys of Troika Plus (China, Russia, United States, and Pakistan) for Afghanistan laid a strong emphasis on the provision of urgent humanitarian assistance and economic support to Afghanistan to avert the twin challenges of humanitarian crisis and economic collapse. He hoped the international community would recognize the gravity of the situation and take urgent measures, including the release of frozen assets, to help alleviate the sufferings of Afghans. He highlighted the crucial role of Troika Plus in this context.

PM has stressed the need for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan wherever and whenever he got a chance to speak to the international community.

Now, David Beasley, head of the World Food Programme has cautioned the world of the worst humanitarian crisis on Earth owing to the looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

This is the right time for the world to stand up for Afghanistan, and Afghan people who have been the victim of wars for long two decades. Pakistan has set an example by supporting Afghanistan in the extreme crisis periods, and now Afghanistan is again on the verge of a new crisis which is needed to be averted and the support of the global community is indispensable in this regard.  

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