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Advent of technology’s end of patriarchy but we are far behind: Fawad

KARACHI: Federal information minister Fawad Chaudhry, among other key officials, attended Saturday the three-day Pakistan International Film Festival held in Frere Hall wherein he said the patriarchy that prevailed for centuries has begun to diminish with the advent of technology.

He said the difference between men and women has far closed in since the prevalence of technology in the world but decried the fact that Pakistan is still lagging behind, referring to the fact we did not produce so much in terms of our films since 1980.

The countries that are developing and emerging, you see their cinema, sports, art and literature thrive just as much, Chaudhry said addressing the film festival today.

Pakistan began incurring the damage of political instability and extremism right when Russia planned an incursion on Afghanistan and we supported the cause of the USA by incubating extremism to fight the former off.

He said the societies that rise to extremism and terrorism instead of tolerance are meant to slip down into the abyss of regression.

Similar is happening in India with Modi’s arrival there and you will see this affecting each and every sector of their society, he said.

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