Action sought in 18.5billion NBP Bangladesh Operations Scam

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: In National Bank of Pakistan Bangladesh Operations (NBPBO) mega scam that caused Rs18.5billion loss in which according to the forensic audit report as many as 61 officials found involved the case has been referred to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for further actions and recovery of the amount. In a detailed report submitted by Sub Committee of Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization on probing the causes of Bangladesh Operations scam in NBP and fixation of responsibility against persons involved recommended swift action against the delinquents with the direction to provide update on the matter and said that the bank should initiate disciplinary action against the remaining four persons, who were appointed by the Federal government and served as President. Committee further demanded the complete list of suits filed against the loan defaulters in Bangladesh. The Report submitted by Sub Committee listed the violation says that proper classification of loan accounts was not carried out in the light of Bank of Bangladesh circular and appropriate securities were not obtained against the sanctioned limits. Report further says that violations of business discretionary powers in sanctioning and rescheduling of loan accounts and unauthorized release of title documents of properties, whereas accounts were outstanding with huge amounts. The record of Audited financial reports and hypothecated stock reports in few loan accounts was also missing from bank record. Most loan accounts never got adjusted and were renewed against partial payment of interest amount. Increasing NPL led to liquidity pressure and capital shortfall situation for National Bank of Pakistan Bangladesh Operations (NBPBO) as a result from 2010 onward funds were borrowed from other NBP overseas branches. The practice of employing funds from other overseas branches was apparently aimed at avoiding further capital injection by the Head office. Report further says that the credit report submitted by the bank did not match to the amounts as per General Ledgers. The report further says that internal inquiry should be completed till 31st March 2015 and a complete list of suits filed against loan defaulters in Bangladesh should be submitted to the committee.

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