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About 300kg charas hidden in a Karachi-bound truck confiscated

NAWABSHAH: A trailer truck meant to enter Karachi has been seized on Wednesday by the police near the Qazi Ahmad area after it appeared it was smuggling 7 maunds and 12 kg (total of 292 kilograms) of charas (hashish or cannabis) inside it into Karachi.

The amount of the seized drugs today translates to about millions of rupees, police said. The drug load hidden in the trailer truck was meant to be smuggled into Karachi. After the confiscation of the trailer with drugs and arrest of the four personnel within the trailer truck, the police have booked the case.

Earlier on Tuesday, in the crackdown against smuggled betel nuts by the Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement, the smuggled goods worth 130 million were found during the last 30 days.

According to details ASO shared, a loaded trolley carried 33,950 kilograms of betel nuts, smuggled into Pakistan, and was intercepted near Metroville, SITE Area on September 02, 2021. The total amount as per current market rates is Rs57.24 million.

Preceding this was a bid on August 23 wherein about 4,500 kilograms of betel nuts were recovered from an Afghan export cargo wherein the smuggler hid them under the layer of apricots. The seizure amounts to Rs25.15 million.

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