Abid says democrats have agreed upon a virtual ‘martial law’

KARACHI, Dec 26 (NNI): Former senator and famous politician Faisal Raza Abidi said on Friday that so-called democratic leaders in Pakistan have agreed on a virtual martial law.

Talking to media about the establishment of military courts to punish terrorists in the country, Raza Abidi said that the so-called democratic leadership neglected the issue of civilian killings in incidents of terrorism and have finally agreed upon the establishment of military courts due to public pressure.

He declared the move as a virtual ‘Democratic Martial Law’, an idea he has been campaigning for about a year.

About the objection raised by some human right groups over the recent executions of terrorists, he opined that these human rights group were silent over the civilian killings by the same brand of terrorists in Pakistan.

It must be noted that Pakistan’s military and political leadership on Wednesday agreed on a comprehensive anti-terrorism action plan which included establishment of military courts, crackdown on terrorist hideouts, communications and funding sources along with the establishment of a counter-terrorism force. NNI

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