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A symbol of struggle and success

(Sardar Khan Niazi)

After a long continues struggle of 22years, Imran Khan has become Prime Minister of Pakistan. He built his party from dried stalks of grain which is now as strong as long deep-rooted tree. Imran Khan thought of bringing “Change” and the party breathed in the noise of “Change”.

I remembered the days in the Daily Pakistan Melody Office where Imran Khan shared his dreams and sprit to make Pakistan a welfare state. It was the time when Imran Khan newly landed in the field of politics and he had dreams of change, and Justice in Pakistan. From dream to reality there was long continues struggle, disagreements and blame games. However, it is Imran Khan who showed it how to get ones dream true. I believe any other person than Imran Khan would have given-up.

When it was announced Imran Khan elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan, it took me back to 1999, a day in the Daily Pakistan Melody Office Imran Khan sharing his hopes with me. He shared his high hopes, devotion and his goal of prevailing justice for all. He was a friend, a hero, national cricketer, relative by cast, Imran belongs to sub-cast of Niazi named Balo-Khel as am I, Daily the Patriot and Daily Pak-Watan published his detailed interviews, while friends taunted that journalism trampled by friendship. It was pure journalism, no doubt he was a friend but he had dreams, plans to achieve his dreams for better Pakistan, struggle for change, we published, we portrayed, we broadcasted and truly he shared his dedication and commitments.

The announcement of Imran Khan as Prime Minister, portrays the fact that never be demoralized while struggling for a motive that is based on hope of betterment. Now linking the 22 years of continues struggle with the prestigious post of Prime Minister, it has been proved that dedication always pays back.

Though Imran has proved time and again that he made his dreams come true; winning cricket World Cup for Pakistan, building a cancer hospital as per international standards, establishing a University in a remote area of his hometown, and now becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Now the question arises that how he will lead to take Pakistan out from various sorts of challenges and make it a welfare state. Imran believes that all citizens have equal right, justice, equal health and education facilities. He always showed concerns over lack of health facilities to citizens and it was emerged in the slogan of “Do nahi, Ek Pakistan”. It was implemented in the shape of Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Quality education was Imran Khan’s first and basic agenda. I remembered every conversation with Imran he had shared with me, he shared that when he was a student, foreigners used to come to Pakistan for studies what happened to Pakistan that its education standards have touched the ground. He stressed on education improvement from the first day to last time of his struggle, he built University to spread quality education.

Imran Khan is also very focused on economy, he always yelled for the poor people of society and it was noticed when he announced that as a Prime Minister he will not avail Prime Minister House, and he will struggle for strong economy and to remove poverty from Pakistan.

For a long period of time former government functioned without a foreign minister and eventually Pakistan could not effectively strengthened its foreign policy. Pakistan is surrounded by number of international challenges including tense relations with USA, maintaining balance between Saudi Arabia and Iran, FATF and many others. It is hoped that government of PTI will appoint a competent and credible person for a very vital position of foreign minister so comparatively weak foreign policy of Pakistan could be strengthened.

Imran Khan has become Prime Minister and Almighty Allah has given him a huge responsibility to fulfill his dream of justice for all in Pakistan into a reality. Pakistan is facing very challenging economic situation. He must take it as a challenge to take Pakistan out from economic crisis and stabilize the country. Other issues like terrorism, reforms in police, and improving law and order situation also demand special focus.

People have showed confidence in Imran Khan, he has proved time and again that he has leadership abilities and now masses are looking towards him to make Pakistan a welfare state. Imran Khan has rightly stressed after victory in elections that PTI must work with full abilities to work as per desire of masses. I extend my best wishes to the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan that he will take Pakistan to the heights of prosperity and progress.

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