A historic first

March 6, 2018

Despite the claims of horse trading and buying of votes a pleasing development emerged from Senate polls that a woman belonging to marginalized community has been elected as Senator of Pakistan.
International media also highlighted the news that Pakistan that is a Muslim-majority country has elected its first female senator from the lowest Dalit caste. Surprise victory of Krishna Kumari Kohli was hot topic of discussion on social media as people were terming the development as ray of hope for further securing rights of minorities in the country. Kumari will take the oath of office in the Senate, along with some of the most influential landlords in the country. She will be the first ever Hindu Dalit woman to become a senator in Pakistan’s history.
Story of Krishna Kumari is every inspirational and many other women of this country can take motivation from her struggle and rise. She was once held in bonded labour along with her family members in a private prison in Umerkot district that prison was allegedly owned by an influential landlord. Issue of bonded labour in the remote areas of Sindh province has been reported time and again in the media. Not like many others, she was lucky enough to be freed in a police raid. She continued her education in a village school and also married off at the age of just 16 when she was a student. But she did not let her marriage become hurdle in chasing her dreams and ambitions and continued her education. She also put aside all the difficulties that women from marginalized minority face and continued to grow. Now she is a member of the upper house of the Parliament and has vowed to continue to work for the rights of oppressed people. We hope that more such women come forward as this is the best way for women empowerment.
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) must be appreciated for awarding ticket to Kumari and for giving her chance to become member of Senate of Pakistan. PPP has proved that it is a party that believes in strengthening minorities and giving them chance to come forward and contribute in the lawmaking of the country. Indeed other political parties should also follow the trend set by PPP and should encourage people from minorities to actively take part in the politics. Our parliament should have representatives of all religions, classes & genders in pursuit of true democracy.

PPP should be lauded for giving chance to a woman from marginalized minority to become Senator.