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A high-voltage contest

Though it is just another game of cricket for the cricketing world but for the fans particularly in the sub-continent, it is more than just a game. Pakistan and India will come face to face on Sunday in the high-voltage T20 contest and all eyes of the nation of the two countries particularly and the whole world generally will stick to the screens to witness the contest between the arch-rivals.

From a fan’s perspective the only thing which would be demanded from the players will be the victory but let’s not forget the perspective of the cricketers.  Our cricket is already struggling with changes in the very last stage of the team’s arrival to the UAE, thanks to the selection committee which finally opted to go for a wise decision by including Malik, Fakhr, and Haider in the squad.

If we will reflect on the performances of the team players in the two recent warm-up matches of the world cup, we can see a comparatively better performance by our batters and bowlers. Though in the last match our most trusted bowler Hassan Ali proved to be more expensive and we lost.

Pakistan team has finalized its strategy with the combination of seniors and juniors against the arch-rival in the first match but what actually matters is to see that who is good at keeping nerves cool, who would off course be successful at the end.

There is an unending debate between the fans from both sides and a few players have also taken part in the campaign. The latest is the Twitter post by the Indian Skipper Virat Kohli terming that he wasn’t worried about the high-voltage game. Though this isn’t true as he also knows better that what Pakistan did in the Champions Trophy final is history. Yes, this could be a strategy by the Indian team to avert the attention of the Pakistani squad and to put pressure on them, but these kinds of things do not matter if you are a professional. Pakistan has the guts to defeat any team of the world considering the world’s number 1 Babar Azam and his opening partner Rizwan, and also the other experience and young players.

At this stage of time, India must reconsider its cheap stance of not playing with Pakistan. Because Pakistan is the home to legendary cricketers and for Pakistanis, cricket is more than sports.

And for the fans in Pakistan, it is now vital to support the team which is fighting for the glory of the beautiful country, instead of criticizing those who need our support now. We hope and wish that Pakistan will repeat the heroic scenes of the Champions Trophy Final on the 24th of October as well.

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