A Dilemma of Excuse at Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology, Islamabad

January 23, 2019

Prof. AftabHasan Amber

When the God’s blessings are hovering upon human beings, how the cruel man can snatch the morsel from one’s mouth? The sustainer and Almighty shows His blessing upon us. But man towards man is very harsh and unkind. Intoxication of power has maddenedour humanity’s mental level. Every person on a small position in any office thinks himself as an iconic figure because of his small or big domain in which he is working. A matter of the general concern is aggravating day by day at the part of the Federal Urdu University, Islamabad. This university is educating thousands of students in spring as well in fall semesters every year. A big revenue is generated from the source of admission but this ugly and pitiable condition which has prevailed on the pillars of losses and this university is being pushed towards its journey. The University is in a rented building of WAPDA per month rent of thirty five (35)Lacs is being  grabbed from its budget. Its own building is under construction near Shehzad Town, and a big amount is being spent on this project. But the existing dilemma for the permanent,visiting and contract teachers is nonpayment of their teaching bills even after a year e.g., the teaching bills belonging to spring- 2017 has not been paid yet. The university management and employees cut sorry figure in every month when pay is not given to them nicely and regularly. Mostly half part of the pay is given under the mask of alms and charity. HEC grants to the universities are not properly utilized for the improvement of the teaching and research activities. In 2017, 35.7 billion budget for HEC which increased to 46.7 billion in 2018. The total volume of budget for education is 111.23 billion. These huge budgets are not even audited properly. Inspite of it Federal Urdu University has worn the gown of deficit. The Islamabad campus of Federal Urdu University is not independently working and Main campus at Karachi is not supportive.The management and faculty at Islamabad campus has been involved in political lobbying and infightings in the previous years. The faculty must restrain them as it is not suited to these educated elite.

If there is the game of loss and critical situation than why the university is being pushed on loss only. Why this pitiable situation has become a question mark?The university hires a visiting faculty also for the different courses to teach. But this visiting faculty has become beggars (with due apology) to claim their dues in form of cheques. Many visiting teachers are weeping and waiting for their payments of lofty and afterwards. Cheques have thrown into the pending corners. Permanent faculty get their salaries very late at the mid of the month, the contract employees also get their salaries late and visiting faculty is ignored by saying “this semester still no budget, so wait”. On the other hand a huge amount is being allocated for the new building expenses. Things are being purchased lavishly, this is not justified at all. There is no room for some more courses to offer to the public, otherwise number of admission can be increased. The university is working on deficit of 2.5 crore. This is the ugliest form of the organization. It is a principle of economics that audit of the organization is necessary at the end of the year. But Federal Urdu University is not readyto face the audit procedure.

This university is being monitored from the head office at Karachi and Respectable Vice Chancellor has to come to Islamabad to look after the different matters. He is looking keenly the matter, but the things are still in critical position. The presently working Incharge of this campus is trying to settle down the matters, but payments of employees are not dealt on priority basis. I request the higher authorities to save the organization from such a big loss. We have heard that Railway or PIA have been on losses in the past, but this phrase has changed now. This big educational institution is going to the dogs. It is requested to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to look into this critical situation. If governing body cannot run it, it must be out sourced otherwise the situation will further deteriorate and parasite termite will swallow it very soon. There is also a need to mend its administrative matters. The well reputed university is heralding and calling out for help, but where is saviour to rescue it.

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